Teamwork in Postmypost – Collaborate to create, discuss and approve publications



Provide access to your projects to colleagues and clients without giving access to your social networks. Create publications together. Coordinate posts with clients. Teamwork allows you to bring team members and clients together for fruitful work.

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Teamwork advantages

Provide full or partial access to post editing, analytics, and comments to customers and employees. Use work steps if you need to negotiate the content or simplify work between many people in a team.

Post discussion

You can discuss posts with colleagues and clients through internal correspondence. All internal comments are visible only on Postmypost.

Teamwork on post creation

Teamwork on post creation is organized with the use of stages/steps for making publications. Assign employees responsible for each stage and set up relationships between them.

Providing and restricting access

Employees and customers do not get access to passwords on social networks and work only on Postmypost interface.

Post approval

Final approval of publications is available for managers and clients. Control publication date and coordinate it with clients.

Shared access to comments and messages

No need to provide employees with the account password, all the work is made on Postmypost. You can reply on a computer instead of mobile devices. Set up work rules and restrictions for employees when working on Instagram Direct. For instance, you can prohibit deletion of dialogues and set the "reply only" option.

Unlimited number of invited users

The service use is free of charge for all invited users. Clients do not need to pay for the service.