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Boost your sales and quickly reply to comments on social media
Respond to messages and comments from a single interface. Add more user information.
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Respond to social media comments in one place
In Postmypost, you can engage with comments on Instagram, VK, and Facebook. Receive notifications about new comments. Streamline your work and automate tasks, all from a unified interface.
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Wide range of communication options
Respond to messages on Instagram, VK, and Facebook. Add extra details about the user or client. Don’t miss a beat with notifications on Telegram and via email.
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Work with messages in all accounts in a single section
All messages from connected accounts are displayed in one place. Switch between accounts to respond.
Additional information about users
Add the user’s name, phone number, and email; make other necessary notations. This enhances the effectiveness of client interaction.
Quick replies
Craft templates for responses to common and recurring questions. Utilize these templates for swift replies to user messages on social media.
Tagging dialogs and marking them as “Starred”
Tag the conversation with any tag or mark it as “Starred.” You can also apply filters based on tags and marks to find the dialogue you need.

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published posts
Notifications about new messages on Telegram
Set up Telegram or email notifications so you don’t miss a single post.

Tools for different tasks

Postmypost provides various tools and services to help users work comfortably and efficiently and address their diverse marketing needs.
Allows scheduled posting to all social networks, saving your time.
It provides the opportunity to boost sales and swiftly respond to users' comments on social media platforms.
Provides detailed post analytics, optimizing your content and boosting audience engagement.
Enables automatic news posting from your website to social networks via RSS, increasing audience reach.
Postmypost AI
The AI helps marketers tackle routine tasks, from generating ideas and creating content plans to composing texts and analyzing data.