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Social Media Management Service
Social Media Management Service
Straightforward and understandable tools for tackling daily tasks in social networks for teams and specialists.
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Create more content with Postmypost AI
Take your posts to the next level with the help of Postmypost’s AI Assistant. With just a single click, you can make your content more captivating, engaging, and memorable. Our artificial intelligence technology can generate new ideas, rephrase text in your preferred style, and even translate your content.
Generate Ideas
Leverage the power of the neural network to generate ideas for your content on any topic.
Write Faster
Craft powerful content with the help of AI. Artificial intelligence swiftly and effectively generates unique texts.
Create a Content Plan
Entrust the neural network with crafting a content plan — receive practical ideas for your business on social media.
Build a Strategy
Harness the power of neural networks to develop a social media growth strategy for your business.
Post to multiple social media platforms simultaneously from a single window.
Post to multiple social media platforms simultaneously from a single window.
Share posts across all social networks from a single window. This significantly reduces the amount of time that is typically spent on manually posting content. It also frees you up to focus on other essential tasks.
A single dashboard for your social media analytics and reporting
A single dashboard for your social media analytics and reporting
Monitor the effectiveness of your posts and generate social media reports — all through one intuitive analytical dashboard.

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Work As a Team
Grant colleagues and clients access to your projects without social media permissions. Collaborate on creating posts. Coordinate with clients on content. Working as a team is always more productive and engaging than going solo.
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Discuss Workflows
Engage in discussions about the post-creation process with colleagues or clients online. Internal comments will be visible only to team members and clients based on their permissions.
Work Together On the Posts
Collaborative post creation is orchestrated through steps/stages of publication. Assign team members responsible for each stage and set up connections between them.
Coordinate Posts With the Client
You can set up the approval feature. Now, your client can rest assured: not a single post will go out without their knowledge and approval. Let everything be under control!
Shared Access Usage
In collaborative work, authority can be restricted. For example, one can grant permission to respond to comments but forbid deleting conversations. All work takes place within Postmypost; team members cannot access social media account passwords.

Tools for different tasks

Postmypost provides various tools and services to help users work comfortably and efficiently and address their diverse marketing needs.
Allows scheduled posting to all social networks, saving your time.
It provides the opportunity to boost sales and swiftly respond to users' comments on social media platforms.
Provides detailed post analytics, optimizing your content and boosting audience engagement.
Enables automatic news posting from your website to social networks via RSS, increasing audience reach.
Postmypost AI
The AI helps marketers tackle routine tasks, from generating ideas and creating content plans to composing texts and analyzing data.