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On Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Linkedin, Twitter, Telegram, VK and OK. And Stories VK.

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Make the most of Stories VK

All the usual VK tools for making and publishing cool stories. Hashtags, link buttons, community mentions.

Add hashtags

Add hashtags to a story with an active link

Summon buttons to action

Engage Your Audience with interactive buttons

Community tags

Add mentions to grab attention

Schedule posts your preferred way

All project comments are kept in one section that you can reach to quickly respond to comments on all social networks at once.

The post feed will allow you to focus on the content for each day separately, respond to comments on each post, and discuss work with colleagues.

Weekly view helps you to effectively arrange posts by time and date. You can also change the posting date by dragging publications to adjacent days of the week and the preferred time.

Monthly view shows the overall picture of posts for the whole month and allows you to schedule posts for any day while avoiding unnecessary navigation through the calendar.

Content plan is a schedule of publications you can create in the form of empty slots to be posted at a certain time and day of the week. This will allow you to remember to make a post or story at the desired time.

Discussion and approval of posts

Discuss posts with colleagues and clients through internal correspondence. Create posts together. Teamwork allows you to bring team members and clients together for fruitful work.


Save your time by automating routine tasks when scheduling posts for social networks: create post templates and captions, shorten links automatically, and add UTM tags.

Post templates

Create a post template that you can save to use later and make similar posts in the future.


Save addresses, shipping information, calls to action, and other frequently used data in captions.


No need to constantly copy and paste hashtags when creating posts.Set up hashtag insertion so the hashtags are added automatically in either the post text or the first comment under the conditions you.

Automatic link shortening

Link shortening feature allows you to automatically shorten long links in the post text using such well-known link shortening services as,, and Short links look better and attract more clicks.


Geolocation automation allows you to save your time by avoiding the need to constantly add a geotag when creating a new post. You can create a separate geotag for different social networks and Postmypost accounts.