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Get The Details To Grow Your Brand On Social Media
Explore the effectiveness of your social media presence, including engagement, reach, and sales, in the “Analytics” section. Compile a report and develop a strategy to increase efficiency.
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Use a single window to analyze your audience and their actions
Explore your audience composition in each social network, including the number of followers, likes, and comments. And all of this — in one window with an intuitive interface.
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Measure and analyze content effectiveness
Analyze the effectiveness of posts across various social networks. That will allow you to create even more engaging and valuable content for your audience, thus increasing the number of subscribers.
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Compare The Results Of Promoted Posts
Compare the results of promoted posts. This way, you’ll find out which ones were the most effective and choose the best posts for promotion in the future.
Account Analytics
Track key interaction metrics for each account. This way, you’ll better understand your target audience and be able to plan new posts efficiently.
History and Analytics Of The Posts
Take note: how many likes and dislikes did the publication receive, what is the engagement rate, and are your subscribers ready to engage in dialogue? Study the tastes of your subscribers to delight them with exciting posts.
Audience Analysis
Discover everything about your audience. In the “Analytics” section, you’ll find information about the number of subscribers and their gender, as well as the cities and countries they reside in. These insights will assist you in creating relevant content.

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Create and share beautiful reports
Export reports from the Analytics section and share them with colleagues, management, or clients. Your successes, documented in numbers, are worthy of attention.
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Custom Reports
Add metrics and charts from multiple social networks.
Daily Updates
Customize your reports once, and they will be updated daily.
White Label Reports
Add your logo, title, and description for each report.
Export to PDF
Download reports in PDF format and charts as images.
Get answers to your most important questions
Improving the effectiveness of each post is possible by analyzing the data in the Analytics section. You can share your content when, where, and how you want.
The best time to publish
Check when your posts generate the most interest from your subscribers. You’ll increase reach, views, and audience engagement by posting at this time.
Best post type
Discover which videos, images, text, or linked posts drive more views and reach. Plan more content that will resonate with your followers.
Best publication frequency
Publish more posts or less? By analyzing your data in the Analytics section, you can determine the optimal number of posts to keep your followers engaged without overwhelming them.

Tools for different tasks

Postmypost provides various tools and services to help users work comfortably and efficiently and address their diverse marketing needs.
Allows scheduled posting to all social networks, saving your time.
It provides the opportunity to boost sales and swiftly respond to users' comments on social media platforms.
Provides detailed post analytics, optimizing your content and boosting audience engagement.
Enables automatic news posting from your website to social networks via RSS, increasing audience reach.
Postmypost AI
The AI helps marketers tackle routine tasks, from generating ideas and creating content plans to composing texts and analyzing data.