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Increase traffic to your site by sharing your RSS entries on social media sites
The Reposter automates the content publishing process, freeing up time for other tasks. Post from RSS to social networks and increase website traffic.
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One RSS, Many Templates
Customize your publication design for each social network based on the specifics and characteristics of each. Let your posts be equally appealing across different social platforms.
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Find out from which social network you get more traffic
Add UTM tags to each repost. Now you’ll know which social network brings you the most traffic.
Automatically Shorten Long Links
Trim your links. Shortened links are visually more appealing. Moreover, trimming links helps hide lengthy UTM tags and boosts conversion rates.

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Tools for different tasks

Postmypost provides various tools and services to help users work comfortably and efficiently and address their diverse marketing needs.
Allows scheduled posting to all social networks, saving your time.
It provides the opportunity to boost sales and swiftly respond to users' comments on social media platforms.
Provides detailed post analytics, optimizing your content and boosting audience engagement.
Enables automatic news posting from your website to social networks via RSS, increasing audience reach.
Postmypost AI
The AI helps marketers tackle routine tasks, from generating ideas and creating content plans to composing texts and analyzing data.