Tariffs in Postmypost



Choose a tariff that suits your needs, taking into account the number of social accounts, groups and pages. You also can choose a tariff that includes teamwork and messaging in Instagram, VK and Facebook.

accounts / groups / pages
Payment per month
Payment per month
Payment per month
accounts / groups / pages
Payment per year
Payment per year
Payment per year
accounts / groups / pages
accounts / groups / pages
Posts and stories
Creating and publishing posts and stories.
Different versions of the post
Allows you to create different versions of the same post for publication in different social networks.
First comment
The ability to create and post the first comment to the publication.
Tags for posts to classify the material and create a content plan.
Content plan
Create and configure a future publication schedule in the form of empty slots in the calendar.
Text templates that can be quickly inserted into publications.
Share a post
The ability to create a link to a publication for sending and viewing to any user.
Preview of publications
Allows you to see what a post looks like in different social networks before publication.
Maximum files size
Maximum size of uploaded files for publication.
300 MB
300 MB
1 GB
Automatic checking of posts for errors and spelling.
Automatic hashtags
Automatic addition of hashtags to publications under specified conditions.
Automatic geolocation
Automatic addition of geo positions to publications under specified conditions.
UTM tags
Automatic addition of UTM tags to links in publications.
Short links
Automatic reduction of links in publications using services , , and others .
Checks the text for spelling and offers correction options.
Cover selection
Allows you to select a video cover for any social network.
Publishing from RSS
Collecting news from RSS and automatically creating publications.
Watermarks allow you to protect your photos and videos in publications from copying by adding a logo.
Creation of reposts, including reposts of mentions and not yet published posts.
Comments under each post
Work with comments only in posts that are created in Postmypost.
United radel comments
Work with comments in all posts.
Quick answers
Creating and using text templates when responding to a comment.
Notifications about new comments in Telegram and email.
Responses to comments in Telegram
The ability to respond to comments directly in Telegram without logging into Postmypost or social network.
Working with messages
Facebook Instagram, VKontakte, and Facebook replies.
Quick answers
Creating and using text templates when responding to a message.
Notifications about new messages in Telegram and email.
Replies to Telegram messages
The ability to reply to messages directly in Telegram without logging into Postmypost or social network.
CRM and dialog tagging
Tagging dialogs, tagging "Important". Adding additional information about users: name, phone, email, as well as any notes.
Basic Analytics
Basic data on accounts. Likes, comments, engagement rate, subscriber dynamics.
Detailed analytics of engagement rate
Actions, likes, comments, engagement, daily ER/ERR/ERV.
Detailed coverage analytics
Views, Coverage, Reach Rate, dynamics of viewing and coverage.
Audience Analytics
Gender, age, cities, countries.
Post Analytics
Analytics of indicators for each publication: likes, comments, views, coverage, ER, ERR.
Adding Users
Adding users to a project without the ability to configure access to different sections and functions.
Configuring access rights
Detailed configuration of different access rights for each user.
Coordination of posts and stages of work
Creating stages and steps of creating publications for approval with the client or manager.
Discussion of publications
Discussing a publication when creating it with team members or with clients.
Integration with Yandex.Disk
The ability to add files from Yandex.Disk to posts without first downloading to the device.
The ability to mark any incoming messages or comments as a lead for further work with them.
Tasks will help manage the work of the team, probably progress and get priorities.
Access design templates for your social media posts.
Postmypost AI
A neural network using deep learning technologies to generate texts, headlines, hashtags instead of a person.
Publishing from RSS
Collecting news from RSS and automatically creating publications.
Frequently asked questions
    Which social networks can I post to via Postmypost?
    Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Linkedin, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, VK, OK, Medium
    Is it safe to use my social networks on Postmypost?
    Yes, we have the permissions required by each platform. We use only official API on our platform.
    How to contact Postmypost support?
    You can chat with us by clicking on the chat icon on this website or on the platform or by sending an email to: [email protected]